Thursday, January 13, 2011


It's time to tell what happened to Mushroomoon.
Maybe someone of you passed by the place where it was, and you could only see the empty base.
Some of you sent me message, or called me, asking. But I was not able to tell what happened. I just received the news, without knowing who took it away. I confess I was entrateining the idea that some crazy and passionate fan had stolen it, and now he was spending long hours admiring my sculpture in his sitting room.
But the story is much less poetic.
The afternoon of Jenuary 6th, a couple of policemen from the Delegation stopped their van near to Mushroomoon, forced it, loaded it on the truck, and took it away.
The very cool part of the story is how I knew it.
Late at night, on 7th Jenuary, someone called me on my mobile. The woman's voice told "Hi, you don't know me, but I witnessed how they took your sculpture away". She introduced herself as Mirham Ascencio, and gave me all the details. she told me how she arrived with her camara, to take pictures of the work, cause she liked it so much, and in this very moment she saw the van arrived and the policemen catch the sculpture. I was moved: she threw herself against the two "brutes", and tried to convince them that the sculpture was a beautiful piece of art, and it was worthy of staying where it was. She really defended my work and advocated for its rights!
That's great, I thought! She was not able to stop them, but it is the most touching demostration of art love that I've ever been involved in.
The story goes that Mirham told me where to find Mushroomoon, so I went, and I paid the fine.
In a week it will be home again...

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