Tuesday, March 1, 2011


There are many stories around Mushroomoon, some true some not, some sweetened with details.

The naked truth? Mushroomoon stems from a profound moment of doubt about my art, its value for those who see it. It comes from a strong criticism by a dealer at the time to show him my portfolio, a few sharp words "your art you can not be sold and can not be in a gallery. "
My first reaction was total paralysis, pain and inner drama, disorientation and fear. Two days without moving a muscle.

When I decided to do something about, and I could find the good in the criticism, my mind opened to new possibilities. Maybe commonplace (everyone is making urban art, in these days) but for me, so and shy (really?), meant and still means having the courage to get in view in spite of everything, choose the street as a personal gallery, waiting for other things or new activities.
Yes, Mushroomoon comes from the imperative to find a place for me in the world, perhaps selfishly, but without compromise.
In those days in late December 2010, I rediscovered the enthusiasm to work feverishly for hours at a precise objective: to put my sculpture in Plaza Rio de Janeiro, in Mexico City, where I live.
And I decided that ... it would be the largest in my collection, bigger than me and it would be at a point where it was impossible not to see her passing by.

On the night of December 31, while everyone drunk were celebrating the New Year, I was mixing cement in a corner of the park of the Plaza, assisted and covered by my husband Diego and Lobo, a friend.

That's the way this tender-eyed creature was born. It remained in the street for only six days before the police are noticing the irregularity and carried her off.

Now, after a massive recovery operation, it is safe, at home, waiting for a new journey ...

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